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Who is HJ Personal Trainer?

I am Helen Janousek and over the past 14 years I have helped many people achieve their fitness, exercise & lifestyle goals. With my knowledge, experience and expertise, my clients have transformed their lives becoming stronger, fitter and more confident. Being fit and healthy will help you to lead a happier and longer life. Your success is here to be achieved - so what are you waiting for?

HJ Personal Trainer FACTS:

Master Trainer Qualification - 1

Years as a fully qualified PT - 14

Client Successes - 100+

What does Personal Training involve?

The Benefits of Personal Training

How I can help you


Online Personal Training

Completely bespoke training programmes. Tailor-made workouts including video demonstrations created just for you. Nutritional audit, tracking & guidance. Video analysis & weekly check-in calls

Premium mobile app / desktop software to allow you to track your workouts, nutritional intake and watch videos of all exercises to ensure good form

All of my online health and fitness programmes are totally unique to each individual client. They are based on each client’s goals, aspirations, preferences, lifestyle factors and how much time they have to dedicate to their health and fitness programme

Activate! Workout

6 week Activation workout programme

Coming soon!

50+ Gym Class

We all know that keeping fit is good for us but did you know that regular exercise can extend our active, independent lives by years, helping to improve mood, prevent falls and sometimes even lessen the need for medication?

The 50+ Gym Class is designed for all adults regardless of physical ability and fitness condition. Whether you are completely new to exercise, recovering from illness, injury, surgery or coming to terms with a recent disability.

Why not pop in for a chat so you can see what's on offer and meet some of the class goers and me!

Who I work with

Everyone is welcome to train with HJ Personal Trainer. Click on an area below to find out more details and start your journey.

Prices & Availability


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50+ Gym Class

We all know that keeping fit is good for us but did you know that regular exercise can extend our active, independent lives by years, helping to improve mood, prevent falls and sometimes even lessen the need for medication?
Why not pop in for a chat and a cuppa so you can see what’s on offer and meet some of the class goers and me?

Fitness myths and fallacies

Does lifting weights make women bulky? Does sitting in a sauna help you to lose weight? Click to find out…

Success Stories

  • Helen has been training me now for a couple of years and the difference is amazing. I have just turned 50 and I can honestly say I am fitter now than I have ever been. Helen's support, encouragement and patience has just got me through my first marathon, something I would never, ever have thought of attempting before. She will work you hard and there will be sweat but this lovely lady will find potential (and muscles!) you never knew you had!
    Anna Mackay
  • I first consulted Helen in early April to obtain advice about establishing a fitness regime and losing some weight. Helen required me to keep a food and drink diary for some time prior to my first appointment with her. At my first appointment with Helen she conducted a fitness assessment and on the basis of my food diary, her fitness assessment and an interview with me she devised an exercise programme for me and gave advice on diet. Rather to my surprise I have kept up the exercise regime Helen prescribed for me for a period of six months with ease and I am pleased with my weight loss which I have now maintained for several months. I have had several sessions with Helen over the last six months. These sessions have enabled Helen to assess my progress and have helped to keep me motivated to adhere to the exercise and diet regime she has suggested for me.
    Jean Spencer
  • Both my wife and I have kept ourselves reasonably fit throughout our lives from general keep fit through to skiing and surfing. We were getting to a stage in our lives where it was becoming more difficult to keep the weight off despite training for up to 12 hours per week. A friend of ours suggested speaking to her personal trainer, Helen Janousek. At first I was a little sceptical and didn't believe that she would be able to make much of a difference. By targeting specific areas of exercise and dietary habits we have both lost over 8kgs in weight and improved 10km running times by 20%. On top of these obvious triumphs my general health and fitness has improved beyond what I believed to be possible. Best of all has been a reduction in the amount of time we both exercise.
    Sean Malone & Nicci Maarsdorp
  • I was referred to Helen by my partner Linda who used to call me her "little fat git", making unfavorable comparisons between me and Bob Hoskins. As I work, away from home a lot, I'd pass the evenings eating in chinese restaurants, or propping up the bar in the nearest pub to my hotel. After more than 10 years of living like this I'd become a little "portly". Because of my lifestyle:- endless travel, living away from home in hotels, I thought I'd find it difficult to maintain any kind of keep-fit regimen. Helen created a set of excercises for me that I could do in a small hotel room, and recommended a short jog 2 or 3 times a week. After a few sessions with Helen (and making sure I did my excercises in my hotel room), the weight began to drop-off, and I started to change shape. I've now lost 1.5 stones, and found that I actually enjoy running! Helen gave me the kick-start I needed, and the motivation to carry on. I can't recommend her highly enough.
    Lee Dyson
  • Helen is a warm, vibrant, positive and caring person, with enthusiasm, focus and commitment to help you transform your life. Her ability to see the potential in you and bring it out in order for you to move forward from being 'unfit' to a 'fit and healthy' mindset and body set has been inspiring. It has been hard work that I could not have done without Helen's motivation and encouragement and one to one input. With my individually tailored personal training plan, I now feel re-energised, healthier, happier and more confident in life in general.
    Dr Audrey Banks, GP, Nairn
  • I'm a size 8 and always felt relatively fit and work out on my own regularly, so I never saw the need for a personal trainer. When I was given 2 sessions with Helen as a birthday gift from some friends I thought it was a little silly, but went along with it. I was so surprised at what Helen could offer me physical and mentally. Her ability to see what I needed to bring my fitness level up was amazing and she pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed before. After my two sessions she gave me information and advice on how to keep pushing myself and I've even gone back to her for a few more sessions, just to have someone fun and inspiring to work out with! I highly recommend Helen to people of any fitness level to inspire and motivate.
    Monica Cox
  • As a Personal Trainer, Helen Janousek is possibly unique. Combining the skills of a trainer with unlimited and up-to-date access to detailed medical information, she can construct a program of exercise that takes full account of your physical limitations, whilst still enabling you to reach your full physical capacity. With her added vivacity, the combination is stunning. I am Mike Nott. A 66 year old insulin dependent Type 1 diabetic with a double heart bypass now running up big hills and shifting big weights (to the limit and beyond). I would have been mad to even start on my own without Helen's guidance and care.
    Mike Nott
  • I hope you don't mind that I contacted you just to say that I am so grateful that you started me off in the gym. I now have the confidence to go in on my own, which is quite daunting at first, and talk to those muscley young men, and heave them off the machine I want! I go twice a week plus my class with the gang, and I have lost 5 lbs in weight in the past two weeks as well, so thank you for your help.
    Margaret Nott
  • Helen has been inspiring! She helped me realise my potential, and we have achieved results I would never have thought possible before my training sessions with her. I would recommend a personal trainer to everybody - even if they feel they are not capable, Helen will show them that they can be!
    Jo Leach
  • If you are ever in Scotland and need a training session - Give Helen a call, superb personal trainer.
    Scott Paget

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